Will the Apple Watch become family heirloom?


People asking whether the Apple Watch is an heirloom misunderstand the fundamental nature of the Apple Watch. Yes, it is a watch, but it’s more than a time-keeping device. The Watch also is a computing device with technology that is destined to become obsolete. It would be better if people considered the Watch as a luxurious smartwatch companion that’s worn on the wrist and not a collectible timepiece.

Will Apple Watch become family heirloom?.


Apple Watch will change how we use the iPhone

This is why I’m going to buy an Apple Watch — everything on my wrist, while my phone stays in my pocket.

“People that have worn the Watch say that they take their phones out of their pockets far, far less than they used to … One user told me that they nearly “stopped” using their phone during the day; they used to have it out and now they don’t, period. That’s insane when you think about how much the blue glow of smartphone screens has dominated our social interactions over the past decade.”

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Apple to stream its March special event for the Watch

Apple to stream its March special event . The livestream starts at 10PT.


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