About Me

Currently, I am a contributor to iPhone Hacks and Digital Trends, a startup blog that is staffed by former TUAWERs who want to carry on the tradition of the now closed site. In the past, I’ve worked for TUAW, MacRumors, Gizmodo and Boy Genius Report. Writing about technology and all things Apple have been my passion for the past 5¬†years. Now, I am also writing about cutting edge technology at Digital Trends and hope to include some of my outdoor exploits here on my personal blog.

Before writing about technology, I spent a few years working with and teaching others how to use Adobe Flash and Macromedia Director. Even earlier than that, I spent six years working on my Ph.D in Environmental Microbiology. (Science and technology, ftw)

As for me personally, I live in rural Maine with my husband and children. When I am not at a keyboard, you can find me outdoors¬†— hiking and kayaking in the summers and cross-country skiing in the winter.